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Bad Internet connection equals bad gaming, bad streaming and bad video conferencing.

Over the last year most of us have been forced to work from home whether we wanted to or not. The main issue is that most of use don't have the same amount of technology at home as we do in the office. This is quickly realized when we want to watch a movie on Netflix and the tv screen says it buffering. This is also noticeable when we are using zoom for a meeting and we get a pop up that states our internet connection is unstable. Lastly every parent knows the feeling when our kid comes running out of their room complaining that the internet is slow or even worse there video game is lagging! The main issue for most of us technology novices is the fact that we are trying to use old technology to handle new technology. We have moved away from the days of having 1 router managing our home network simple because the average household easily

has 10 devices (computers, phones, tablets, smart devices and gaming systems) all demanding the most from our internet. We have now moved into the era of mesh networking. Simply put this allows multiple internet connection points (usually 3) through out your home to give each device a stronger connection rather than relying on 1 internet modem to run everything. To make matters even simpler, most of these mesh networks can be setup in a matter of minutes right from your smart device. The cost for these networks is usually 2 to 3 times the price of a 1 modem setup, but the performance boost is worth the money. Things to consider when switching over to a mesh network include: Placement of each device determines the strength of the signal, If your home is multi level you may need more than 2 or 3 mesh devices for good signal, for a small apartment a mesh network may not be necessary.

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