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What is the biggest problem with computers?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Similar to everything else in our life, computers needs regular maintenance to function properly just like the human body. Our devices all require updates which sole purpose is to keep the device running as efficient as possible. Computers usually have 2 different types of updates, the operating system updates and also the manufacture updates. In addition to the updates computers also require protection for dangerous outside sources which main focus is to damage or steal information from your device.

Virus vs Ware's

In the past, our biggest problem was our computer catching a virus which would delete our files or damage our pc. In the present our concerns now are Spyware & Malware attacking our devices. The purpose being to gather our private information which is then used against us. By default most devices come with very standard protection from intrusion but with company such as Norton, McAfee, Bit Defender and many more we are able to increase the security to our devices. It has become common place for hackers to bombard our personal devices on a regular basis to steal our info. Even our tables and smart phones come with protection from cyber criminals.


Food for thought, you get what you pay for. If you download a free security protection software for your pc, the security will be average at best and usually advertises paid services to increase your protection.


So when deciding what to put on your new or used computer to protect it, consider what you are first using the device for then researching third party software that specializes in your particular need and has health track record of protecting devices for years. Most paid software gives you multiple types of protection where as free ones focus on a single area. The great thing it that these paid software companies are always having sales on there products so that the price is very reasonable.

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