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Don't buy a new computer, just make the old one faster!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

One of the great things about technology is that it is always getting better. In past years we had few options to increase the performance of our old laptops and desktops. These options didn't produce great results and were also expensive. One of these options was to replace the hard drive with a faster one. Now we have solid state drives (SSD). They are smaller, faster, lighter and these days cost less for an almost guaranteed boost of performance.

Hard drive speed versus solid state speeds

The secret to this boost in performance stems from the fact that solid state drive have no moving parts, The traditional hard drives have mechanical parts that wear out over time causing there decrease in performance as well as there initial slower read/write speeds. You average solid state drive with no mechanical parts gives you an increase of 200% - 800% speed increase. No matter what system your running you are sure to see and drastic spike in computer performance.

The Cost

No keep in mind that with this increase in performance found in your solid state drive there is also an increase in price, but it is worth it. Depending on your needs there are both internal and external options for SSD's which will save you from having to purchase a new computer and cost you much less. Before you make your final decision make sure you find an SSD that matches the size of the drive you currently have in your system or at least can handle the used space no your current drive. There are also plenty of third party software that can take care of the transfer process for you with little effort.

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